Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Striking for the team
Tonight, I was literally dragged strongly persuaded by my department's Business Development Manager to attend one of the functions she regularly organises for the department's most valued clients. In what has become an annual tradition in the department, tonight's function was held in the bowling alley of a club on the southside of Hong Kong.

Although all the department's trainees were required to attend, the other three trainees gave convincing excuses (one actually had to work). I, on the other hand, simply couldn't say no (no slut jokes please, Vic).

I suspect she would not have normally been so eager in recruiting trainees for such an event. But considering that she needed bums on seats (or would that be feet in clown shoes?) and many of the associates in the department were too busy to even consider leaving their desks for a few hours of client-smooching, I could easily see how a impressionable and too-eager-to-please trainee would be suffice.

The clients were all legal counsel from various investment banks around town. The clients and department fee earners were divided into five teams of three. We played in a round-robin competition, which ended with my team coming dead last in games won (zilch), but second last in total score.

It wasn't my fault that we lost. I played decently (or at least I looked the part - people were commending me on my form). Besides, I was consciously restraining myself in fear of upstaging the clients or the partners! :-)

The winners were a team consisting of clients. (You always have to let them win.) They had actually won in the previous year's bowling night as well. As a reward, they were given the department's bowling trophy, which was filled with sweets.

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