Tuesday, December 23, 2008

(Temporary) New Look

YACCS discontinued their commenting services, so I've removed their commentary boxes from this blog. I have used this occasion to also revert the layout to one of the standard Blogger.com ones as the previous layout was really annoying me (especially when I am not in Hong Kong anymore). Anyway, I'm still mulling over whether I should continue with this blog... and, in the event I do, I will change the layout to something a bit more interesting and individual.

Speaking of new looks, folks on Facebook have been commenting on my own "new image". Yes, I have shaved my hair off and yes I will maintain it v. short. I got my deep tan in India and I'm gonna try and maintain it (though the idea of having a fake tan spray fortnightly is quite frightening to me). And although someone said that the perpetual unshaven look makes me look like an old man, it's part of my image change to not look so much like a twink... after all, I'm no spring chicken anymore!

Also, to compliment my new rougher image, I'm thinking of getting a tattoo. Since, under the Chinese horoscope, I am a Horse and my Chinese name (blame my paternal granddad) means, Victorious Thoroughbred, I'm thinking of a red seal, consisting of a rectangular box with rounded corners framing the Chinese character for "horse" (not the modern character used in HK/Taiwan or the simplified version but the large-seal script from around 800BCE).


Bents said...

Personally I'm a fan of the short hair and the unshaven look ;)

Jean said...

Victorious Thoroughbred... wow, that is some name :)