Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another Christmas...

Well, it's become predictable. Fourth year in a row and there will be no pressies from moi for Christmas. People will have to settle for another batch of extra spicy home-made gingerbread men and an Oxfam Unwrapped card instead.

Since my cookie-cutters are currently on the high seas with the rest of my crap, I've been on the lookout for some decent copper gingerbread man cookie-cutters to use this year. I had a good look around Chatswood Chase for some to buy this afternoon with Jase, but ended up being unsuccessful in my quest. We ended up returning to the Essential Ingrediant in Crows Nest, which we visited a month ago, and acquired a set of mini Christmas cookie cutters in the shapes of a gingerbread man, a star, a reindeer, tree and angel. The general shape of the cutters are decent but I fear that the cookies will end up being a bit too small for more elaborate icing. I've been telling people (and I'm sure I didn't make the story up but heard it from somewhere else) that if you eat a gingerbread man decorated to resemble a particular person or profession, you will meet such a man in real life during the course of next year. So, some single female friends have eagerly devoured, among other professions, a banker, a couple of doctors, a surf lifesaver (who was the last to be picked up) and a DJ in past years. I guess I'll probably have to leave them naked this year...

Looking at the Australian Oxfam Unwrapped cards, I was surprised and a wee disappointed to find out that they don't come with a fridge magnet like the UK ones. I'm sending the overseas cards at the end of this week so it's likely they won't make it to Hong Kong or London in time. However, I'm sure HKPhooey will like the card I picked for him - it's just crap :-p.

A batch I made earlier (in 2005).

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