Monday, June 30, 2003

He's too good-looking to be gay...
If recent media reports (SMH, NYTimes, etc) and "the eyes on the streets" are to be believed, it has become way gay to be gay these days. Faggotry is out, "metrosexuality" is in. Straight boys have, in an ironic move in this age of ironic dressing, found a way to out-gay the gays!

Male breeders, in ever increasing numbers (and, quite surprisingly, with their own free-will) have adopted gay aesthetics for clothing, furnishings, etc; have developed a gay sense of style; and have gained a gay predilection for hygiene and grooming products. As a result, it seems they have out-coiffed, out-groomed and all-the-way out-muscled the male homo in the vanity stakes.

Like the acculturation of ethnic fashions and foods, the white straight male world has taken the "best" of what the gay minority has on offer - the sense of forward fashion and good aesthetics - made its modification, sanitized it (out go the leather and latex, etc), whilst avoiding all the unattractive bits (the same-sex stuff in general). These days, it seems our previous sexual identity has become redundant.

Metrosexuals seem to abound in Sydney these days and aren't restricted to geographical area of Paddington and the Eastern Suburbs. That sexy fellow on the street (or ever more increasingly in the gay bars and clothing stores) with the perfectly-tussled, highlighted hair, the amazing tan, great pecs and impeccable threads is almost always straight, these days. How things have changed... now it's the gay guys who are the ones who are saying, "It's such a shame he's straight..."

Saturday, June 21, 2003

Summer Winter Vacation
Well, slap me down and call me Gertrude... but I'm on my way back to Sydney. The university term has ended, and to my relief, all the assessments have been completed. I've even had a couple of weeks in HK to bum around, forget all that I've learnt during the past academic year, participate in a bit of hanky-panky (as if I would go into details... ), complain about all the people who have flew off already (darn bitches... ), and endure the terrible monsoonal weather (does terrible things to styled hair).

The weather has been truly disgusting - high temperatures, torrential rains and almost 100% humidity - everything which has made me wish that I had arranged to be back in the cooler (and drier) climes of Sydney earlier.

One thing that I have not been put-off by is the return of large crowds - on the street, in the malls, and absolutely everywhere. It's a sign of things returning to normal. Most folks have forgone the paper masks as well. Things are definitely on the rebound and people seem incredibly optimistic - something that hasn't been seen in HK, even post-SARS.

The World Health Organization lifted its travel advisory warning off Hong Kong some weeks ago. For an economy that derives an incredible amount of revenue from its tourism sector, the move by the WHO was seen as a godsend. There hasn't been a recorded case of SARS in the Region since last week, and many expect the WHO to drop the infected area label for HK by Monday.

A v. strange sense of patriotism has developed in HK. The Government has urged residents to leave their flats and spend, spend, spend for the sake of the economy. Local businesses have initiated a "We Love Hong Kong" campaign, while offering some sensational discounts. Somehow, in a city where business and commerce are its lifeblood, such a campaign seems pretty appropriate... and let me say, to the detriment of my bank account, I've been a pretty big "patriot" in recent weeks!

Over and out from Singapore Changi Airport.