Friday, February 28, 2003

Just Another Rich Kid
There is little Brooklyn-based clothing company that has gained quite a bit of notoriety recently. Just Another Rich Kid produces provocatively graphic-ed shirts that stencilled with either silhouettes of LA plastic surgery muppet, Angelyne, relatively plain argyle diamonds or fetching slogans, such as "I fucked Cloe Sevigny", "I fucked Gisele" and the like. Clearly, it is easy to see why some celebs have made so much fuss for some little words. Apparently, Ms Bundchen was furious and threatened legal action. (Rumour has it that her ex-boyf, Leo D, bought one.)

Gossip has it (from the bitches at Chic Happens, in fact... ) that P. Diddy requested one made, with "I Fucked J. Lo First", after he caught someone wearing an "I fucked Anna Wintour" number at a show during New York Fashion Week.

Considering I am such a fashion victim, you would think I would be waiting in line to purchase one of the shirts, right?

Well, I confess... my "I fucked Dior" number is in the mail.
Die another day
I survived... but barely. Marks came out for all five first semester subjects (Professional Practice, Conveyancing & Probate, Commercial Legal Practice, Accounts and Revenue). There still remains some second semester exams for Conveyancing and Commercial (they are year-long subjects), but for the other subjects, all assessments have been completed. I'm standing on dodgy ground in regards to Conveyancing and I'll need to put some effort into the Landlord & Tenant component of the subject.

I really needed a jolt, as I have become pretty slack in my efforts in the course. I guess this was it!

The fall-out in the next few days is going to be horrific. So many have already decided to quit the course; I would presume many more will do so after this....

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Judgment day
The shit is going to hit the fan tomorrow, when weeks of waiting anxiously for first semester's examination results end.

Wild rumours spred like wildfire, on the numbers that have failed each subject. People mentioned that 70% of folks failed Revenue. Fortunately, most were unfounded. The actual numbers are considerably less, although these are hardly any more comforting - officially only around 15% failed Professional Practice and 20% failed Revenue.

For better or worse, these results are only preliminary. The final marks may have absolutely no reflection on those issued tomorrow.

If I am not heard from in the next week or so, you know the reason...

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

X2 trailer stills

Colossus "steeling up".

Nightcrawler transports away. *Bampff!*

Jean Grey's telekinetic powers.

Wolverine vs. lil' kitty.

Monday, February 24, 2003

Urban Nomad's Guide to Rude Cantonese Slang: Dirty Gay Bar Pick-up Lines #1
Cantonese: Nei sik heung-hau-gau ma?
Literal Translation: Do you chew gum?
Euphemism for: Do you give blowjobs?

Btw, I passed on the offer :-p .
X2 trailer
The new trailer for x2 is up and running. It's a tantalising taste of what is to come and is a considerably better aperitif to the first trailer. The film looks awesome.

I was quite disappointed with how Storm and Jean were portrayed (or the lack of it) in the first film. It's unrealistic to expect that their roles would expand in the sequel, considering they are introducing extra characters. However, checking out the action in the trailer - Jean Grey deflecting a direct blast from Cyclops or Jean blocking a giant tidal wave or Storm creating hurricanes to obstruct fighter planes tailing the X-Jet - their powers are living up to their comic book potential.

My personal faves, Iceman and Shadowcat (her phasing power is shown several times in the trailer), have more than just cameo appearances with Pyro in the sequel. "New" mutant characters being introduced include Nightcrawler (his *bampff!* transportation effect looks way cool), Colossus (check him "steeling up" - or just check out how ripped Daniel Cudmore's bod is) and Lady Deathstrike (in an awesome fight scene with Wolverine).

X2 comes out in cinemas in the US on 2 May. Who knows when it will be released here?

Postscript: The film opens on 1 May in HK and Australia!

Saturday, February 22, 2003

Criminal law
Summer clerkships are a tradition for Australian law students in their penultimate year of studying. Many place doing any actual legal work as a mere formality in their clerk duties and consider the period as a time for socialising (drinking), socialising (shagging) and socialising (partying). This summer wasn't any different, considering the mess the clerks made at their end-of-clerkship Oscar-themed party.

The lawyers-to-be partied so hard at the Dockside function centre overlooking Darling Harbour that they caused thousands of dollars worth of damage. A nine foot tall golden Oscar statue was broken in two after going crowd surfing, smaller Oscar table decorations were "souvenired", wallets were stolen, two clerks collapsed unconscious and various fist fights broke out.
The firms, which included Baker & McKenzie, Freehills, Minter Ellison and Clayton Utz have agreed to split the bill between them. Leaked minutes of a meeting between the firms suggests that "in the future it will be best if we only have the one welcome function at the beginning when the clerks are still fresh and trying to impress".

From Roll On Friday

Thursday, February 20, 2003

You look soo gay!
American cable network, Bravo, is planning to launch a series called, The Queer Eye for the Straight Guy in July.

The concept of the show sounds like a real hoot - stylistically-challenged straight men getting makeovers by five gay male consultants in fashion, grooming, interior design, etiquette and culture.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Love thy neighbour
HongKongPhooey is gonna love this - he's about to get a famous neighbour.

Folks in Britain and Australia may remember a little docomentary/reality show in the mid-90s about a family of ocker Aussies residing in Sylvania Waters, called - you guessed it - Sylvania Waters. HKP got a ribbing at school for that, since he lived just one street away from their residence.

The Donaher family may have moved on (which, consquently, appreciated the real estate prices of the suburb). Now, it seems that famed flame-haired pollie, Pauline Hanson has her sights on moving into the area permanently.

May I suggest a house-warming gift for the new neighbour? Pitch-forks and burning stakes.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

It pays to never shop retail

Winona Ryder's ads for Marc Jacobs are out. If you can recall, one of the items she shoplifted was a Marc Jacob's handbag. Throughout her trial, she appeared in Court wearing the Louis Vuitton head designer's dresses. Now, she's this season's model.... bizarre.

Monday, February 17, 2003

Year of the Chef

They say whatever one does on Chinese New Year's Day will be reflected in the new year.

Liz and I made a victorious attempt at cooking a Chinese dinner on that day. It was no easy feat, especially when we had never cooked to this magnitude before.

Methinks I could add "Naked Chef" to my CV now. Queries in relation to my domestic helper duties should be sent care of the contact email above.

If were even a little bit curious at what we made - pork chops in "oriental" sauce, stir-fried scallops with snow peas, prawns in a "Shanghai-style tomato sauce" (from Liz's mum), sauteed dou miu in chicken stock, and carrot, green turnip and pork soup (recipe courtesy of mum).

Postscript: Celina did an immaculate job at cleaning up the kitchen mess and the dishes after the meal.

Sunday, February 16, 2003

Get it banned
"I don't know how much time it's going to take me to climb down off the stage and write them a ticket... but as long as they give me a meter maid outfit, I'll do it."
Harvey Fierstein on New York City's new legislation that bans the use of mobile phones during any public performance, including plays, movies and concerts, as well as in galleries and museums.

Such a scheme may be almost impossible to enforce, but I'm sure it's an initiative the HK Government could at least look into. After all, noone ever switches them off (in cinemas, church services...) and the revenue generated from the fines for those who let their phones ring during films would undoubtedly plug the Government's budget deficit.

Last Thursday, while watching Chicago (which was absolutely sensash), a woman's phone rang and she proceeded to take the call! I shouldn't have been surprised (it's a common occurrence over here), but it was during one of those faboo song and dance numbers. I was really irked and was ready to jump back and lynch her...

Of course, in my defence, I would have cried: She had it coming! She had it coming! She only had herself to blame!

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Bus vs. Minibus
Recently, I found a way I could stay in bed 45 minutes more each morning, which wouldn't require me to miss half of my morning lectures.

Before, I used to walk around the corner and take the 103 bus to university. It would take around an hour, provided traffic conditions were good. I'ld may be get some time to doze off, but usually the annoying Roadshow screens and the accompanying "noise" would mesmerize me with its banal mix of infomercials, movie trailers and Cantopop music clips.

However, I was informed a few of weeks ago, that I could travel on the minibus from hell, from Mongkok to the university, in less than 15 minutes. Brilliant!

If I only knew this sooner...

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Music: the bitch is back
Have you heard the news? Madge is planning to release a new album in April. The yet-to-be-titled album will have 11 songs - expect the tracklisting to come out soon.

French designers Michael Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak from M/M (Paris) are designing the album cover, with photography shot by Craig McDean, earlier this year.

The first single, American Life, will be hitting the radio playlists next week, in the States. Jonas Akerlund (the director of Ray Of Light, Music, and Christina Aguilera's amazing Beautiful - which shows two guys deeply pashing and a drag queen getting dressed - amongst other things) shot the music video in LA, this week. Expect her to do something she is quite (in)famous for - stirring up contoversy (Madonna's gone political with her own firm objections against war... and starts throwing grenades in army cargos!) - which would make the music clips for Like A Prayer and Justify My Love seem tame in comparison. Expect to love it, if only because it is classic Madonna.
Mardi Gras
This year's Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras season officially commenced on the weekend in Sydney's Hyde Park North. From what I heard, it was less flashy than the previous Opening Nights (which were more recently held along the Opera House forecourt). However, and more importantly, it wasn't lacking in the essential ingredients - heart, excitement and community support.

For quite a few months last year, there was great speculation on whether or not there would be another Mardi Gras. During recent years, the organisation clearly became bloated, developed an incredibly large bureaucracy, and shifted away from its roots, as a group aimed at political and social change. In the end, the organisation over-expanded and began to flounder in the huge pool of debt it had accumulated. In hindsight, these financially disastrous results were what was needed, to bring forth much needed change, and a return to its fundamentals.

I've begun to miss Sydney more and more recently. A failed attempt at a relationship, the excitement of Mardi Gras (I am going to miss the Film Festival and the Fair Day the most... and the boys who come out of the woodwork just for a month or so!) and a yearning for things familiar have been the main inducers of this nostalgia trip. It's the itch that I felt while I was studying in the US - the seven month itch. I just want to return to Sydney, just for a little while...

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Hollywood remake
Hong Kong's highest grossing film of last year, Infernal Affairs, starring Andy Lau and Tony Leung (Hero), will be adapted by Hollywood. Brad Pitt and producer Brad Grey won the rights to remake the "spy vs spy" thriller, according to Variety.

Monday, February 03, 2003

G for Gucci
Paging through an issue of L'Uomo Vogue, filled with lovely new season advertisements, I hit upon a v. startling site - a provocative campaign ad for Gucci, photographed by Mario Testino.

Remember how the media generated all that bally-hoo in regards to that other House of Ford's advertisement for M7 with the delectable Samuel de Cubber? Yes, we all remember it well. Oops, Tom did it again...

Although this one hasn't got the girls and queer boys panting, it has definitely made a few fashionistas raise an eyebrow (or figuratively so, considering the effects of botox) and many cunning linguists gabbing about the Gucci Group NV (beyond that of its falling stock price, unimpressive seasonal offerings or poor profit results)!

Carmen Kass - the self-titled (tongue-in-cheek) "richest girl in Estonia" and the face of Dior's J'adore, (although you really wouldn't know it was her unless you really knew her) - is photographed below-the-neck, leaning against a wall, with a hand pushing down some fetching silver, Kylie-styled hot pants. Exposed - for the viewing pleasure of her kneeling male co-model (and readers) - is the classic Gucci "G" insignia lyrically waxed onto her nether region. Just when you thought people would be satisfied with the Brazilian or something heart-shaped...

Good taste (rare in this blog), and a pathological aversion to crass female nudity, has prevented me from uploading the photo onto this blog. However, there's many copies of this advertisement floating around the internet for the curiously-minded.

Everyone knew that porno chic was in decline. Who knew it was going to be Tom Ford who would be hitting the last nail in that fashion trend's coffin?
Kung Hei Fat Choi! Yeung Yeung Duk Yi*
The Year of the Horse ended on Saturday and the Year of the Sheep (Goat) was ushered in. Hong Kong celebrated with the usual fireworks, a street parade and a mass exodus of people (across the border or to some exotic locale) during the four day weekend. Many are hoping that the new year ahead will bring better fortune than the last.

In comparison to the Christmas season, the lead up to Chinese New Year was a far more exciting time. (It may have well been the fact that I was busy "concentrating" on the exams during the weeks before Xmas or that CNY celebrations seem more "sincere" than those for Chrissie in HK.)

It was the first that I can consciously remember experiencing CNY in Hong Kong. (The previous times were when I was a wee baby.) Everywhere around, places were adorned with lovely festive ornaments and decorations - red lanterns; fruitful mandarin trees dressed with red lai see packets; postered slogans wishing folks prosperity, happiness and wealth. I live quite close to the Prince Edward Flower Market and it was incredible to see the crowds of people purchasing giant bunches of fresh flowers, dried plum tree branches and branches of orange squash-like fruit (think green dancing goo from Flubber - only orange) that are meant be bring boy offspring to families (aka good fortune).

*Happy New Year! Everything Is Possible!