Thursday, January 16, 2003

Hong Kong's favourite pastime (after shopping)
To say horse racing is big in HK is an understatement - it's massive. The Government generates billions of dollars from duty; every hospital and university seems to have a wing built from the donations from the Hong Kong Jockey Club; and there seems to be dozens of newspapers dedicated purely to the "sport". However, I have zero interest in it.

My name in Chinese may be translated to mean "victorious thoroughbred", but I have absolutely no fascination with a bunch of horses, mounted by midgets in colourful silks, galloping around a course. Maybe it's because I am completely risk averse - I even shy away from gambling part of it.

Anyhow, Wednesday night seemed to be the exception. A friend's horse, Deep Purple, (only in Hong Kong) was racing as favourite for Race 6. I abstained from betting, but Liz had a little faith and placed a minimum bet of HK$20 for a placement. We had no idea how to place a bet or even fill out the form. Fortunately, a guy standing nearby willingly assisted and the betting teller was most patient and accommodating. (The folks in the Mongkok HK Jockey Club must be the friendliest around.) Then we waited...

The race began unremarkably. For most of the race, Deep Purple was trailing behind, stuck in between some horses that were clearly preventing her from breaking through to the front. Then, in the last moments, Deep Purple broke out. There's a photo finish. We (or I, more like it,) screamed with delight. Other patrons stared at our weird behaviour.

Lisa won $8. We left completely ecstatic.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Some lil' matters
Additional news in relation to one of the most anticipated films - Orlando Bloom will be playing Paris in Troy. Pitt, Bana and, now, Bloom... Oh my!

Check out this most excellent political cartoon by Zunzi and Kee Yung called Know Your Rights and starring the Secretary of Security, Regina Ip, and the Secretary of Justice, Elsie Leung (the "Twins"). Coincidentally, they sound v. much like the Clash and nothing like the untalented Cantopop duo of the same name. Go here.

Monday, January 13, 2003

One in a million
According to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, there are around a million Australians living overseas. That's quite a lot of Aussie buggers, considering the population of the country is less than 19 million.

I guess, while the most recognisable component of this figure comprises of backpackers in the Continent, Hollywood actors and almost every person employed in London's bar industry, there's a few baby lawyers in there as well.

Btw, did people miss me?