Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Another year...
A thousand apologies for not updating - an ol' friend from Sydney arrived last week and I have been acting as tourist guide (tourist guide nazi, more like it) these past few days.

I saw Hero on the weekend. I was amazed; it actually lived up to my high expectations! Although the martial arts action (suspend your disbelief at the wire work) and the acting was impressive, I was really drawn to the great narrative and art direction. The use of colour was more than a visual spectacle - it is integral in the narration of the story, by providing context to the different "tales" told.

Although the film is set at the dawn of the Qin Dynasty (around 200 BCE), the story has contemporary resonance. Zhang Yimou was clearly motivated in trying to explain the political ideals and the general mindset of the Chinese. (And in some ways, that is why the ending epilogue really irked me.)

It's quite unfortunate that most countries won't be able to see it until mid-2003, (even though the film is eligible for the forthcoming Oscars). Remember the name, and jot it down in your diaries!

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Sliver bells, silver bells...
I had my final exam today. I am so relieved that it is all over.

With all my attention placed on that necessary evil, I have hardly been able to get into the "festive spirit". I shall try, even though there is only one day to go till Christmas.

May everyone have a joyous and peaceful festive season. Have you all been good boys and girls this year?

Thursday, December 19, 2002

Bounce Back Hong Kong!*
Do you know why I think the Hong Kong economy is on the upswing? All the new home improvement projects.

Now, the feckers upstairs are renovating their flat! Crap.

*silly slogan created by the government to lift up community spirits in these relatively harsh economic times

Saturday, December 14, 2002

Like a professional
This morning's (Yes, I had an exam on Saturday!) exam on Professional Practice was relatively short - only two and a half hours. Enough for a power nap in between MCQs. Most of the questions didn't directly refer to the Solicitors' Guide. Instead, anybody who possesses any common sense at all (and has watched an episode of the Practice or two) could have completed the paper; no worries.

In other news, I opened up my mailbox today, only to discover that I have been inundated with "hearts" from others on Fridae. (Fridae is a GLBT internet news magazine, with a "hook-up" service similar to the notoriously addictive Gaydar.) I was curious to know why I was receiving so many emails, especially when I haven't updated my profile for a while.

Well, I soon discovered when I surfed over to the site. Presently, I am their featured male profile! Talk about being shocked and slightly embarassed!

For those readers who wonder what I look like (although I can't see why anyone would want to check me out), surf over to Fridae. There's a small "postage stamp" potrait of me in the front page. My profile name is, of course, "urbannomad". However, for those who want to look at a larger picture of moi (and check out the kitschy wallpaper and poster of the Dallas Cowboy's Danny White in the background!) or the witty words on my profile, you have to register as a member!

Thursday, December 12, 2002

How would you like your requisitions?
I just had my first exam this morning - a four hour ordeal on Conveyancing. It's difficult concentrating on any paper for that period of time, let alone one on Conveyancing. I was seriously distracted entering into the third hour. I should have brought a pack lunch into the exam hall.

In other news, my mum and sister arrived in Hong Kong for a holiday last weekend. They brought honey and Crunchie bars. Yay!

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

It's time to bring out the alcohol
I had an hour and a half revision lecture on Conveyancing, this afternoon. So technically, I did an hour and a half of study, right? Fat chance.

I just returned from a lil' Christmas soiree held by the Firm at the American Club. Apparently, HR and the managing partner felt that it was a good opportunity for current and future trainees to get acquainted with each other (and maybe get some meaningful advice on how to pass the bloody exams!). As expected, I acted like quite the psycho.

All of the current trainees slowly slinked back to the Firm's nearby offices to, I assume, bill a few extra hours before calling it a day. Generally, they never leave the office before 10:00pm. Should I be comforted (in these less-than-stellar economic times) or be completely horrified at this level of dedication?

I cannot wait till next year... and I'm not being sarcastic (for once).