Friday, May 31, 2002

Old school news
Oh, have things changed at the ol' high school...

I received a copy of the alumni magazine in the mail, recently. Apart from the usual news on renovations... etc, there was an interesting article on the developing trend of Old Boys forgoing Australian tertiary education for one abroad, notably to the US. Considering the fact that the present Government has been incredibly stingey in providing educational funding, the dire state of most university faculties, low morale amongst instructors, overcrowding in lectures/classes and the general erosion of quality and standards...etc, this comes as no real surprise. The most recently departed Headmaster (much loathed, I can attest) even threatened to withdraw students from the High School Certificate, due to the displeasure he had with changes in the final year examination curriculum.

Of course, when I was at the School, v. little was spoken around about flying the proverbial coop. Some of the baby teachers from Yale would casually mention the option to folks in class (and was I held under the spell of Mr Corcoran!), but v. few went through with the process. Throughout high school, I had "grand" fantasies about going to college in the States. Yet, when I went to the then careers counselor for info, I was disappointingly given no real advise, but an old leaflet from Stanford and a photocopied list of SAT exam sitting dates. Only three people (out of 181) eventually did go o/s for their undergrad studies - one to Oxford, one to Cambridge, with the other to Princeton. Predictably, most folks who did reasonably well, in the final years, went on to read Medicine or Law at SydneyU or UNSW.

Well, things have changed. At present, there are 20 alumni attending colleges as undergrads around America. Apparently, the School has an ex-college counselor from a US prep school on the faculty and applying abroad is now openly encouraged. What was amazing to read were the SAT averages for the school ('00 & '01) - 728 Verbal and 749 Math (with two boys with perfect 800 scores on both tests). Yes, as I said before, the school is breeding ground for freaks.
Life as a House
I cannot believe Life as a House was panned by so many critics! Granted the plot may have appeared a bit too sappy, melodramatic and "manipulative" for some people, I found the film endearing, sentimental and v. v. sweet. But then again, I loved Beaches, Boys on the Side and Steel Magnolias.

Kevin Kline is brilliant and is undoubtably the pivotal reason why the film stays above Movie-of-the-Week standards. Members of the supporting cast are all strong, especially Kristin Scott Thomas. I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of Hayden Christensen, who has redeemed himself from that abysmal performance in SW:AOTC.

Bring the hankies!
Apparently, Hollywood Reporter got it wrong. Variety reports that Alan Cumming, and not Ethan Embry, will be playing everyone's favourite blue mutant. Shooting begins on 17 June in Vancouver.

Thursday, May 30, 2002

In the mail...
It has taken me months, but I am finally posting off an application for the PCLL at HKU (one more to go!). Over the past few weeks, I have unnecessarily agonised over my choice of first preference. I mean, some others see PCLL year as a time for mucking around. Maybe I'm thinking about it way too much. I know, it's not v. important in the scheme of things. It's not as though English law students anguish over where to do the LPC. I've got my training contract (which I still believe, was a freaky fluke) and the BCLF doesn't care where I go. Instead, I should be more worried about losing any sense of a personal life and billing 3000 hours...
It's only just hit me, in the past few days... I'm moving to Hong Kong in less than 3 months!

I know intellectually, I've been preparing to move overseas for years. For the longest period, I've tried to devise a way to move away from Australia (hence the application to study on exchange after only one semester of uni!). Having the best experience in Chapel Hill only motivated me more so. But emotionally, the concept of having to haul my arse, as well as most of my possessions, to a different country never really dawned on me. That is, until a few recent events made me change my view of things:

Firstly, this emerging realisation began to unfold around the time of graduation. Getting my degree (or more importantly, a completed academic transcript!) meant that that 5 year chapter in my life had finally ended and another would soon begin. Then, it was talking to others, who were also planning the Big Move, during the Collaw onsite. Granted it was hardly the first time I had discussed the topic with people, these conversations seemed different. It was as though the Move was not just a simple frivolity of the mind or a mere possibility, but reality. Then, there was that meeting, with folks from the Big City Law Firm (the first since those agonising weeks of interviews last December), on Monday.

This isn't going to be like North Carolina, where I knew I would be coming back. This time, it's indefinite...

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

According to the Hollywood Reporter, two "new" mutant characters have been cast for the X-Men sequel. Ethan Embry (Can't Hardly Wait) will play the blue, teleportin' Nightcrawler, while the role of the fire-manipulating Pyro has been given to Aaron Stanford.
Meeting the partners
I headed down to the uni, yesterday evening, to catch the last bit of the presentation and drinks given by the Big City Law Firm. The level of interest was impressive and there was quite a large turnout. An amazing number of folks applied for the Vacation Scheme (from 2nd year to final year). Two partners (one from the HK office and the other from the Bangkok one) and the Head of Training flew over. The visit to UNSW was their first stop. Apparently, they planned to do the same at SydneyU and MelbourneU by the end of the week.

Anyway, after the shindig, the HoT invited the future trainees, some applicants and members of LawSoc back to their hotel for more drinks and some chit-chat (the partners shoo-ed off to wherever). Now, the firm itself has quite an unassuming reputation (for a farty old English law firm) and is often mentioned to be a bit reserved and even *gasp* boring. So, I was thinking we'ld be ending up at the lobby bar at the Grand Hyatt or the Regent. I was pleasantly surprised, when they mentioned that they were staying at the Establishment (think the Mondrian in LA or the Hudson in NYC).

OK, so business accommodation may not be the best indicator of a firm's culture, but hey, I'm starting to think I'll fit in there just fine...

Side note:
BCLF's HK office recruited 12 trainees, commencing 2003. It's a relatively cosy number, compared to the 100 or so that the London headquarters takes in, annually. Remarkably, 5 out of 12 studied at New South (a new record!). The HoT mentioned that the rest of the recruitment class was divided almost evenly between grads from the two HK law faculties (HKU and CityU) and those from the UK (mostly Oxbridge). And contrary to rumours found on the threads of Icered (which salaciously cry out that the firm only hires pretty females every year - it only happened once, in 1999!), the 2003 class is evenly divided between the genders.
World Cup glamour
So, the World Cup kicks off on Friday. Knowing me, I really couldn't give a rat's arse about the football. On the other hand, what the players will be wearing is definitely worth mentioning!

If the English team doesn't live up to the hopes and expectations of Queen and country, at least they would be assured of a win in the fashion stakes. Beckham & Co. will be wearing some v. natty suits by Burton. Additionally, the squad has been issued with leather dispatch bags, wallets, passport holders and wash bags by Paul Smith. SMH "Fashion Police" stated that these official, limited edition kits are available at Robby Ingham in Paddington.

And speaking of Sir Paul, the Brit designer has reviewed the aesthetic qualities of various national football kits for the BBC. Special kudos were given to the Italians for their clasic blue shirts, while the Cameroonian sleeveless tops were mentioned to be "really hideous".

Monday, May 27, 2002

The hermitic life
It feels incredibly strange, sitting alone at the home computer, on a Monday morning. Over the past two weeks, I've grown quite used to travelling into St Leonards for College classes. It was actually quite pleasant, meeting others studying the course online, and having daily interactions with instructors and fellow students. I haven't really had that since high school.

After having a v. big scare in last week's assessments, I do feel a bit more motivated (fear is always a big motivating factor for me!) in applying myself more. It's only 4 weeks till the next and final round of assessments, and I have assured myself that I'ld be better prepared for them. Then, it's all over for the College of Law... and off to Honkers!

Speaking of HK, the Big City Law Firm (where I'll start a training contract with, in September 2003) has flown down for a publicity and recruitment drive, this week. Unlike other G8 City firms that have made their presence known to Australian law students in previous years, it's the first time that the BCLF's HK office has travelled over here. They've planned for an information night, tonight, at the University and Winter Vacation Scheme selection session, tomorrow. I'll be dropping by for the free drinks and a bit of chit-chat.
More Britney...
Don't get me wrong, I lurve Boys by Britney Spears (it's one of the songs on high MP3 rotation, as the left-hand column attests). It's absolutely THE best song on her self-titled CD (I spotted you dancin', you made all the girls stare... Those lips and your brown eyes... and the sexy hair!). What it has going for it, apart from the naughty lyrics, are the fabulous Prince-like beats produced by the Neptunes.

But does it really suit the soundtrack to the new Austin Powers movie? Apparently, it will simply being remixed to suit the style of the film franchise. Couldn't she get Max Martin to pull another one out for her?

What's next? A James Bond theme, I suspect...

Saturday, May 25, 2002

From the British television channel that gave us the brilliant, but short lived, North Square and Queer as Folk:

Assess your "gayness" at the Channel Four Gay-O-Meter. Amusing result from the quiz: I am 53% gay (and I thought I was 100%). I "scored right in the middle and am a happy and well adjusted homo guy!" Umm, "happy and "well adjusted" is all relative, right?
Britney vs. Buffy
Britney Spears and Buffy, together! Doesn't it sound like one of those spam emails people get, enticing salivating teen boys to hyperlink to some site that promises imaginary celebrity nudie pics?

Well, according to Sky News, Britney will appear in 6 episodes of Buffy, next season, as a vampire villainess.
College of Law: On-site Program Week 2
Thank God the week has ended and the on-site program is over. What began as a v. fun experience turned into ugly exam hell! The novelty of having to do advocacy wore off, within the last week, and I can now honestly say that I DO NOT want to specialise in Litigation. It's creative writing gone mad!

The Civil Litigation Practive exam was shocking. Before handing out the paper, the instructor quickly mentioned to the class that the format for the exam had changed. That really pissed some folks off, as the instructor did mention in earlier weeks that the example paper, which they provided us, would have the same format as the one we were going to take. In the end, people in the class, including myself, were frustrated at not having enough time to finish the paper. I'm hoping for a borderline pass, but I'm awaiting an even worse result.

That afternoon, I had to wait an incredible 3½ hours before making my Notice of Motion. In the end, I lost. To add to all the crumminess, I got a 2 inch paper (or was it staple?) cut on my thumb. I left the campus fuming and went to the gym to work away my frustrations...

Got dressed up in suit and tie. My "court" appearance for the assessable Plea was in the afternoon, so I had time in the morning to write my speech (a sob story for a guy charged with a Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol of 0.19!). It went v. well. Everyone on the List decided to stay till the last person's matter. Then, as the last person on the Charge List completed his plea, an additional person (not on the List) came into the room to submit his. What was meant to be a routine 10 to 15 minutes took an incredible 40 minutes! The guy just could not let his imaginary "client" plead guilty (even though the point of the whole exercise was to plead guilty, so that one could be assessed on the arguments one uses to mitigate the level of punishment the client receives from the magistrate!)...
Quelle horreur!
According to Hint Mag, Tyler Brulé resigned from the position of the editorial director of "Wallpaper*" magazine. It seems his departure ends months of speculation that there were creative differences between the magazine founder and his new bosses.

His position is being temporarily filled by *shudder* former "Teen People" editor Christina Ferrari.
Muppet alert
This week, the Panel mentioned that a new muppet was introduced on Sesame Street. He's called the Alphabet Explorer and was inspired by Steve Irwin (better known as the Crocodile Hunter). Unfortunately, I couldn't find a picture of the cutie (the Alphabet Explorer, that is).

Apparently, he's been on screen since early last year in the US. But, as per usual, things seem to always take a long time to get to us, in this lil' ol' country of ours.
Rainy days and Mondays always get me down...
I decided not to attend Mandarin class this morning. It's terribly cold; it's rainy and I feel really, really lazy...

The weather has been absolutely abysmal. Within the past two weeks, the temperature has suddenly dropped into the mid-teens. I've begun wearing my winter woollens, instead of simply tolerating the cold in a shirt and jacket, as it doesn't seem like it will ever reach above 20 until Spring.

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Peeking in
I am so completely frazzled. It' assessment time again...

This morning's Trust and Office Accounting exam went well, but I performed v. poorly in the afternoon Settlement viva. With the viva, most folks expected a 15 minute simulation of a property settlement (the instructors said it was going to be a walk in the park). What some people got was a 45 minute grilling, with the assessor directing the most obscure questions to them! Anyway, since they only allotted 15 min for each person, huge delays caused by in the vivas meant that the schedule for the client interview assessments, that followed, were interrupted and placed out of whack. People were definitely not happy.

I left the College of Law campus at 5:00. I'm bloody tired, but I need to study for the Civil Litigation Practice exam tomorrow morning. I've read 150 pages of the Practice Papers, but I have 300 more to go!

Sunday, May 19, 2002

Aussie invasion
Channelling Ted Casablanca:

The other day, in a short and hurried mobile conversation, CM mentioned to me that he'll be meeting up with one of his brother's ol' friends in LA. Of course, such information generally isn't v. significant, nor would it warrant an immediate phone call to me, in an excited and giddy voice. But it seems this "friend" has found "fame"...

Like many Aussies who leave our lovely shores to seek career opportunities... etc, this ex-Sydneysider went over to the States to work in IT, last year. His project contract ended, but he stayed on, in LA. And it was there, where he was spotted...

Now, he's making a comfortable living, not in IT (at least not in the behind-the-scenes action). Like Hugh, Cate, Nicole et al, this dude has become quite a success in the film industry, although not the Hollywood variety - if you know what I mean.

At the moment, neither of us, nor his brother, knows what his screen name is. But I'm sure, there can't be that many Aussie "actors" of the Falcon-variety.

Saturday, May 18, 2002

Coming to America
The bitch! CreatineMonster is off the the US West Coast next weekend. He'll be taking a couple of weeks off postgrad studies for a family holiday, with his parents and brother. Places on the itinerary will be San Francisco, LA, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. Naturally, he'll be visiting Disneyland and that other popular-with-gays SoCal themed playground - WeHo.

Calling him an expletive at the start of this blog may not be v. wise (now that I think of it), since I have kindly requested a few items from America. If your thinking Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly, you've definitely hit the bull's eye.
Ani get your gun light-sabre
With lowly expectations that dragged on the ground, I went and saw Episode 2 on Thursday. From the reactions of the audience, SW: AOTC must be one of the best comedies in recent times!

OK, I thought the plot was quite compelling, with Darth Sidious playing both side, like pawns, against each other. I loved the art direction and art design. Yoda, with his don't-mess-with-this-Muppet kung fu fighting style and Grover-voice, absolutely rocked! The Jedi massacre in the colosseum was a sight to behold.

Yet, with every compliment, there's definitely a corresponding criticism: The dialogue was stunted and, at points, excruciatingly bad. With so little compelling dialogue to work with, the actors' performances were poor. It also didn't help, when most scenes involved blue screens. The actors seemed quite lost at how to react to the imaginary action. Although the CGI was impressive, I thought its use was excessive - for most part of the film, it felt like an over-embellished Disney animated feature. The intentional humour was really lame (so typical of Lucas); the biggest laughs were unintentional (who knew the galaxy would be overrun by clones from New Zealand?). The "love story", which I was anticipating to see, was tepid and awkward. Plenty of scenes were cringe-worthy (any with the annoying lil' Bobba Fett; the Jurassic Sound of Music, anyone?)...

Ani was an annoying brat. Padme may be showing some fierce girl power, but her perpetual costume and hair changes were way too distracting (even for me!). Natalie Portman (bless her heart) is definitely no galactic ball-buster, like Carrie Fisher.

Nevertheless, with all the criticisms, I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. This was the first Star Wars film, which I actually saw in one sitting, without falling asleep (although, I guess, sitting v. uncomfortably, in the first row, next to a cute stranger must have contributed, somewhat).
College of Law: On-site Program Day 2 - 4
Who knew the on-site component could be so fun? OK, generally, the work was incredibly tedious and dead boring. But on the odd occassion, we did exercises that were both interesting and useful. These involved advocay workshops on Requesting Adjournments (Interlocutory Applications), Bail Applications and Pleadings in Mitigation. I only mooted once at university, so it was great practical experience.

Two of the three matters, I was given, involved "clients" charged with possession of traffickable quantities of cannabis products. After finding success in my cases, I am thinking of expanding my career options to defending drug dealers.

Folks from UNSW were exempted from classes on Friday.
Post graduation
Well, just when you think you can relax... there's more work. This weekend will be filled up with studying for the Collaw assessments next week. I've got a Trust and Office Accouting exam, a Settlement viva, a Plea assessment and a Civil Litigation Practice examination.
Pheww! Thank God I only went to one graduation. All I can say is that the whole experience was excruciatingly tortuous.

Don't get me wrong, the ceremony was decent (if not a bit long) and I didn't put a foot wrong during my brief moment of catwalk fame. It was what usually happens after graduation ceremonies that I personally thought was v. traumatic...

Disclosure: weird phobia
I don't like despise having my picture taken - I'ld rather take a needle in the arm, than passively pose and stare into the lens of a camera (as opposed to pressing the button, which I love). I even effectively dissuaded my mum to forgo the daggy graduate portrait, on the grounds that the waiting line was way too long (which it was). In the end, I estimated that I had posed for suffered through 20 or so pictures, which more or less fills up my quota of personal photos until 2010.

Geez... it's an end to a 5 year chapter in my life. Yet unlike high school (where I actually learnt stuff), finishing up with a BA and LLB doesn't seem like such a big achievement.

Monday, May 13, 2002

College of Law: On-site Program Day 1
So, according to the Alternate Dispute Resolution questionaire, I have a Directing Style to negotiations. That is so not true - I mean, I try to be organised (most of the time), I am relatively independent and goal-oriented, but lacking in flexibility and acceptance of others? I'll acknowledge the opinions of others (as long as their similar to mine, my dear). OK, I'll admit it - I'm a major control freak, who lacks patience for the incompetent...
Bradly Tomberlin
Dudes, there are just too many people googling for Brad and ending up at this site! Puh-leease, I only mentioned his name once...

Nevertheless, I really sympathise for these guys (and they are predominately male), since I know what it's like, trying to find something and being completely disappointed at the end result. So, I'll be a bit more pro-active and help all those Bradly (not Bradley) Tomberlin fans out, as best as I can. No, I am not planning on creating a page dedicated to him - after all, he is no Tyler Brule.

His vital stats:
  1. brown hair and green eyes
  2. 25 or 26 years old (1976)
  3. 185 cm (6'1") tall
  4. suit: 42
  5. shirt: 15"
  6. chest: 103 cm
  7. shoe size: 12 (for all you size queens)

Brad can be found at the following:
  1. An article from the Guardian concerning male body image.
  2. "Men's Fitness" has made him a cover model on numerous occasions (as above left).
  3. In NYC, his model agency is Ford.
  4. He is on the pages of Page305 in Miami.
  5. He is in the books of Storm Models in London.
  6. In Hamburg, he is with Lousia Models.
  7. For a bloody awesome website with many, many pages of different Abercrombie models and their details: AnF Models...

This must be my biggest blog on record. I expect many kudos in the comments box...

Sunday, May 12, 2002

My grandfather arrived from Edmonton, via Hong Kong, yesterday. He'll be attending my graduation on Friday.
Someone should give Mel B a job as a gossip columnist. Last year, Scary Spice remarked nonchalantly that Robbie Williams didn't like girls and that he goes for boys, when a TOTP's presenter asked her about the crooner's serial dating of former Spice Girls (Geri and Mel C).

This time, Mel told London's Capital FM, on speculation that Kylie has had a bum-lift: "She's very sexy - good plastic surgeon. She's had everything. I know, we were there together." If we could all be so lucky...

Friday, May 10, 2002

Denim Invasion
Orlando Bloom in a Gap commercial, directed by Cameron Crowe (ignore the fact that Kate Beckinsale co-stars). Download it here.
I was to receive my Bachelor of Arts (International Relations/Policial Science) degree at a graduation ceremony, today. I decided not to attend and requested my diploma be posted in the mail. One graduation is enough for moi.
I love Saturday mornings. There's nothing better than reading the Sydney Morning Herald, drinking a cup of tea and watching Video Hits on the tellie.

Alas, I won't be lazing about like that, during the next couple of months. I enrolled in a Saturday morning Mandarin Chinese class in the city. Tomorrow will be the second week...
It's all about the hair
England's football captain, David Beckham, unveiled his new hair style, a "Mohican", at 10 Downing Street, to the pleasant surprise of the Prime Minister and the British media, yesterday. Applause could be heard from fashionistas all around.

Who cares that he's fit to play in the World Cup? Hair is more important!
Am I the only one who's disturbed by Donald Diesel, the denim brand's new mascot? Was there a concerted effort on the clothing company's part to make him as creepy as possible?

Lunch Vox with John Bartlett
The American designer discusses, inter alia, his alma mater (Harvard University), the gym, Colt models, NYC and, of course, fashion with the Chic Happens bitches of Hint Mag... très amusant.

Thursday, May 09, 2002

I bought tix to see Attack of the Clones next Thursday evening.

Advanced ticket sales have been available for more than 2 weeks now, but only one Thursday session has been sold out. I guess Phantom Menace has made people v. apprehensive.
Gotta be certain...
Kylie broke up with her L'Oreal model boyf, James Gooding. I guess he wasn't worth it.

On not v. related news (although she and Kylie are now often compared), Holly Valance has debuted at no. 1 in the UK.

Wednesday, May 08, 2002

Quote of the week
People who eat white bread have no dreams.

Diana Vreeland (1906-1989). Legendary fashion editor for Harper's Bazaar.
Fashion crystal ball
Every fash mag and newspaper tries to do it. So, I thought I'ld summon my inner Diana Vreeland and give it a try as well - fashion predictions, that is.

Here is a lil' list of what I'ld think people would be seeing a lot of (apart from the usual suspects, such as denim and stripey shirts) in the forthcoming months in Sydney (and every other world city with wannabe fashionistas):
  1. Corduroy. This versatile, "worker's" fabric is gonna be frayed, distressed, painted... you name it. It's gonna be the new denim. You heard it here first, so you know where to find me eating my words in 6 month's time.
  2. Lace, tassles, beads, studs, ribbon and string. No, I'm not describing the equipment needed for a pleasurable S&M session, but a look which the girls (and some boys) will be running with. On tops, on bottoms, but particularly on the waist. Those chunky leather belts are gonna get a slight makeover...
  3. Bum cleavage. Hip-huggers are gonna go lower, and that's just on the guys. Not just the domain of plumbers and construction workers any more. For the right effect, people will need to go commando (nothing is worse for a fashion clone than to have a pair of dowdy undies exposed). Soon, there'll be guys lining up for Brazilians!
  4. Poor boy caps. On girls.
  5. Peasants tops. They're everywhere. 'Nuff said.
  6. Rainbows. No, it's not a new generation of queers bringing it on and in your face (although I wish it was), but girls with multi-coloured belts, scarves and jewellery.
  7. Early 80's. Tight funky T's and flairs, for example. It had to come back sooner or later...
  8. VPL. Tight hipster pants on guys going commando would mean a return of the "visible penis line".
  9. "Ethnic" lounge wear. First, there was the gypsy look. Now, the fashion monster has re-exploited North African Arab wear, including *shudder* kaftans (hideous creations on normal people), tunics (Jedi knight tops to most people) and paisley prints (the trend from Prada that reminds most people of "grandpa's pajamas").
It's not me, but my misaligned mirrors
Eureka! I believe I have found the root cause of all my dissatisfaction (with every facet of my so-called life, including my inability to gain weight, due to my Roadrunner metabolism; my inability to save, etc... ) - bad feng shui.

The other week, Liz mentioned to me how she was reading a book on feng shui. In a bid to apply theory to practice, she discovered that her bedroom was spatially misaligned. So, in order to correct the cosmic error, she papered her mirrors (or something).

After giving me the basic do's and don'ts, I thought I'ld unleash this new-found (bare) knowledge on my own room. To my horror, I realised that my own bedroom was in complete cosmic chaos, as well. So, I moved everything around - my bed, chairs and desk...

Time will tell if this new arrangement will bring me better fortune... God, I'm bloody gullible!

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Google has a blog...
The first one is about birth; the second one is life; the third is death.

... the cryptic remark made by Keanu Reeves, in relation to the Matrix trilogy. There's a brief look (with photos) at the making of Matrix Reloaded in Time.

Filming of both sequels will wrap in Sydney in July. Part Three is called Matrix Revolutions.
The way we were...
Warning: Self-pitying navel-gazing ahead

It's 6 years since I left high school. I went to one of those all boys private schools*, with their faux English traditions, entrenched homophobia, illustrious history of famous WASP alumni and intense predilection with high achievement. Of course, if you weren't one of those brilliantly-minded scholars or talented (it's relative) sportsmen, there was an implied notion that something was wrong with you. I never went to a "normal" school, since I started out at its preparatory school when I was 6. Thus, I developed an incredibly distorted world view and a v. large inferiority complex, during those years.

Surely, those folks, who argue that a private school education is the best preparation one can give to a child for the real world, don't actually live in the real world. Personally, I'm still in the process of uncoiling 12 years of instituted repression.

Anyway, the reason for the reminiscing: I met a bunch of ol' school buddies for a barbie over the weekend - a small reunion of sorts. Even though almost all of us still live in Sydney, I hadn't seen most of the guys for 12 months or so. Ironically, it took Will from Brisbane to arrange for all of us to meet. Hopefully, our next get-together won't take so long...

PS In the class of 1996, the tally (to my knowledge) of openly gay "old boys" is 4 out of 178.

* I have refrained from mentioning the name of the school to avoid any potential future threats of legal action, taken against me. It has actually happened to a couple of old boys from my year!

Thursday, May 02, 2002

Chicka-chicka bow-wow...
Have you ever thought that the background music in some blue videos was so much more interesting than the visuals? Well, Fluffertrax has a small collection of porn soundtracks (exclusively hetero, I'm afraid), where folks can download and listen to such music, without the distracting visuals and annoying sound effects.
It doesn't seem like much, but it is so so sweet to see the words "Degree Status: Awarded" in my Graduation Details (on New South Student Online). It's the best news I have seen in a while (yes, my life is that boring...).

I can finally see the finish line now and I'm giddy with excitement!

PS. In relation to the Transnational Litigation mark, I friggin' got a Distinction (83)! Thank God for grade inflation in American tertiary education - I don't think an Australian professor would have been so lenient.

Wednesday, May 01, 2002

...Go round and round
How cute! The old nursery rhyme The Wheels On The Bus has been recorded by an artiste, called Mad Donna, to resemble the Willim Orbit produced Ray Of Light. What was originally produced as an internet joke, a couple of years ago, is currently rocketing up the UK pop charts.

According to TOTPs, the song has appeared on the compilation "Mother Goose Rocks", a collection of children songs done in pop style!
Mwahh mwahh*
In the grand tradition of former Neighbours stars, such as Kylie and Natalie Imbruglia, comes another actor willing to try it out in the music charts. Holly Valance (a.k.a Felicity "Flick" Scully) has produced a competent pop offering, titled Kiss Kiss. It's a reinterpretation of Tarkan's 1997 Euro-hit, Simarik (a sensational song for some hip-shaking).

Will Holly become the next Ms Minogue or will her musical foray go down in a flaming ball of crap (RIP the singing careers of Jason Donovan and Craig MacLachlan)? My bet is on the latter.

(* my onomatopeic interpretation of a kisses, darlings)